24th Seminar of Slavic Minorities (30th September-3rd October 2021)

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A great event for our minority is waiting for us, this month. From 30th September till 3rd October the 24th Seminar of Slavic Minorities will be held in our minority. The Seminar is organized by the group AGSM from the network FUEN and the Foundation “Agostina Piccoli”, one of the members of FUEN.

What are the FUEN and the AGSM? The FUEN (The Federal Union of European Nationalities) is the most important umbrella organisation of Europe’s minorities. Its aim is the preservation and promotion of the identity, language, culture, rights and traditions of the European minorities, it has been working since 1949 and it is the voice of the minorities at the European Union, the Council of Europe, the United Nations and the OSCE. The AGSM (The Working Group of Slavic Minorities) is a working group in the FUEN network dealing with Slavic minorities in Europe and its members are associations from Slavic minorities. Every year for 24 years th AGSM members have met in a different Slavic minority in order to discuss the situation of the Slavic minorities and find solutions that can help them.

This Seminar is a very significant opportunity for our minority: activists dealing with minorities will be able to learn about our cultural and linguistic history and our current situation.

You can participate in the 24th Seminar of Slavic Minorities as well! Get to know people like us coming from afar. This is the Seminar programme:

Friday 1st October 2021

9:00Roundabout Fondovalle CastellelceStop at the memorial sculpture of the Molise Croats
10:00San Felice del Molise (town hall)Seminar (meeting of the AGSM delegates with local administrators and Croatian institutional representatives)
17:00Montemitro (town hall)Cultural programme with performance by the KroaTarantata group

Saturday 2nd October 2021

9:00-18:30Hotel Perrozzi in VastoSeminar (meeting of the AGSM group)

Watch the invitation to the Seminar by the president of the Foundation “Agostina Piccoli” Antonio Sammartino: AGSM Seminar Molise 2021 Invitation

AGSM coordinator Matic Germovšek Ž. (in the left) and Antonio Sammartino, President of Agostina Piccoli Fundation (in the right)

Source: https://agsm.fuen.org/en/article/24th-Seminar-of-Slavic-Minorities-2021-will-take-place-in-Molise-Italy


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