“S našimi riči”, again this year!

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After the summer break, here we are again, ready to restart!

We are continuing our podcasts by inaugurating a new section: Riče tkanjene. 

We could not start this section by talking about a very important event for our community, which has been going on for more than twenty years now: Večera na-našo. 

As can be inferred from the name itself, Večera na-našo is an evening entirely dedicated to our language: every year the “Agostina Piccoli” Foundation organizes a literary competion in na-našo, which ends with the awarding of the three most beautiful poems.

However, the contest has been held online for two years now, due to the pandemics. 

Like every year, many were the poets who took part in the competition: poets from Austria, Croatia and, of course, also from our small villages.

We, then, went interviewing the winners of the first three places of this year’s edition, so as to let us describe, in first person, the feelings, thoughts and inspirations that have pushed them to write the poems, with the precious participation of some members of the jury, who explained the reasons why the poems were awarded.

Listen below the podcast “S našimi riči, again this year

*With our words”, again this year!


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