We need… a little bit of colour!

by | Jun 26, 2021 | Jeste čeljade naše!, PODCAST | 0 comments

When our grandmothers and our grandfathers sat to make their lace and to tell their old stories, they made our streets come to life, too. Now, those seats are left alone.

Two women of the village, Zia Nicolina and Fabiana, thought of giving a new shape to these old and rusty benches, but how? Painting them and writing lines on them.

Zia Nicolina claimed that, after this bad period due to the pandemic, we now need a little bit of colour to give a boost to life. So she, together with Fabiana who now lives next to her, rolled up their sleeves and started to paint, with the brush in their hands. 

That’s how these benches started to talk once again, like the old grandmothers who, once, used to sit on them: one cries against the violence on women, saying that you must not touch them not even with a flower; another one says, in na-našo,  that you might go wherever you want to, but that in the end, no place is like home, and so on…

To learn more about it, listen to what Zia Nicolina told us about what she and Fabiana have done.


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