What’s cooking?

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If we think about it, it’s unbelievable… Ten years have passed since we started working on giving a new shape to our culture and to our language.

We brought our message to the other side of the Adriatic sea, of the Po river, of the Alps as well as to the other side of the Majella mountains and Trigno river. During these years, we have met lots of people, we have seen a lot of friendships come to life and some babies too (which we are gladly waiting for!).

A year ago, we decied to leave something that would have told who we are and what we did in the last ten years. We worked really hard, during the snowy winter and the hot summertimes… in Montemitro, up to Burgendland (Austria) and across the sea, to America. And we gave life to a work in which we have put all our soul: „DUŠA NAŠA“, our first studio album. And so, that’s it! Everything has been said!

And now? What’s cooking?

No, not only spaghetti, pasta and beans or mulled wine.. this is well known: we love to eat and drink well! But we’ve prepared for you some delicious things that will make you drool! The tablecloth is on, the table is set: let’s see what’s going on!

Today we are going to introduce you „Čujemo Se“, the first na-našo web-radio.

What do we want to do?

We want our language to be well known by everyone who will follow us, as well as our culture, our words and our music. By everyone who lives near our village and who lives far away, all over the world, by the ones who know us and the ones who don’t. We want to tell everything that’s going on, according to our way of speaking (namely na-našo): we want to talk about politics, traditions, music, feasts and daily events! That’s what everyone calls “storytelling” and for that, we had the best teachers: our elders!

So, why chat on a radio and not in the bar?

Who says that we won’t chat in the bar anymore?! We will keep on talking about our typical card games, of the football matches we had the day before and we’ll keep on playing “morra”….in na-našo!

We aim to make our language and our culture well known, but we also want to make the people of Montemitro who live far away feel closer to us…we want to spread our message all over!

„Čujemo se“ is to say “we’ll keep in touch”, “see you”, “let’s be together!”

„Čujemo se“ for not losing us, for finding us again… in our words, our music and in our everyday business.

„Čujemo se“ because we need you!

We can still do something, we can stil do a lot!

„Čujemo se“ ! Talk to you soon!


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