Lorenzo Blascetta

Hi! I’m Lorenzo. I studied “Enogastronomia e turismo” in Termoli, just to be clear: how to eat, drink and travel around the world, because this is what I love doing. Now, I’m currently studying the use of digital technologies combined with the area of cultural heritage: this can be also related to what we’re doing with our Web&Radio (and to tell the truth, I receive lots of compliments everytime I tell someone about this project). I also love playing football, but the thing I love the most is living my village, Montemitro, and making it live!

David De Leo

As Lorenzo, I chose to stay in Montemitro and it’s here that I want to live everyday more and more. I like travelling a lot and making new experiences, discovering new places, traditions and cultures. I’m not really a talkative person, but if there’s a discussion going on, it’s unlikely for me to back out!

Gianluca Miletti

Hi, I’m Gianluca. Don’t be deceived by the picture… The sport I like the most is the one you do when you sit at the table with fork and knife in your hands. Three years ago I left for Milan to finish my studies on tourism and now I’m living here, because it’s here that I’ve found a job. “You’re always here, aren’t you?”, my village people say to me. I sure am! As soon as I’m free I run off to my village. In my spare time I love wandering around, enjoying new places, meeting nice people and speaking other languages… I like to read, write, draw, play, imitate… and even more! When there’s something to do, I never back out. Yeah, I’m like parsley: I sprout everywhere!

Martina Blascetta

My name is Martina, I’m from Montemitro, but I’ve been living in Bologna for a few years and now I’m currently living in Milan to study. Living so far away from my village made me understand even more the importance of protecting our traditions and our beautiful culture. My other passions? Well, I have too many: I love playing music, strolling about, discovering new things, parties… I literally love everything, except shutting up! It’s really difficult for me! That’s why can say “no Martina, no party!”
All in all, the thing I love the most is organizing activities for my village: Montemitro is everything for me, even though I don’t live there anymore.

Francesca Sammartino

I grew up in Montemitro, but I’ve been living in Croatia for a few years, in Zagreb, where I graduated in the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, in Croatian studies and Italian studies. I’m really enthusiastic about our language, I’m a wannabe teacher, loving people (with restrictions) and cats (with no restrictions) and I’m an incurable volunteer.

Giulia Sammartino

Ciao, I’m Giulia! Montemitro is my home and Rome is my temporary accommodation: in fact, I moved here a few years ago to study Modern Literature and then Linguistics at Sapienza University. I have two great passions: my origins and singing. That’s why I’m a member of the village band “KroaTarantata” and that’s why I also take part in many other activities with an only aim: safeguarding our history and avoid forgetting our beautiful na-našo language. 

Simone Sammartino

Hello to everyone! My name is Simone, I’m from Montemitro and I’ve just started Biotechnology in Perugia. Since I was a child, I’ve always had an innate passion for percussion: to me, everything became a drum and, for five years, I’ve attended drum lessons. A few years ago, I became a member of the KroaTarantata band as the “bufù” player: this is a percussion instrument and everyone outside Molise gets curious about it, because of its odd shape and because it is mostly unknown. Belonging to this band allows me to grow, beyond my passion for music, my passion for Montemitro, its history and its traditions: a love that has always belonged to me and that will never end.

Stefano Blascetta

I am Stefano! I play the double bass and the electric bass. I prefer playing the electric one because it’s louder. I’m currently studying Chemistry in Vienna and when I have some spare time I also play other instruments like the guitar, the electric guitar, the piano and sometimes I sing as well. I really like playing music and if I could, I would play music all day long (and all night long, if there’s enough wine).

Marco Blascetta

Hey! I’m Marco. I’m studying music in Vienna, but as soon as possible, I come back to my village: for the “Festa della Cappella”, during the summer, for the olive harvest season, for Christmas and Easter. When I come back, there is always a party going on and if there isn’t, we party anyways. Montemitro means a lot to me: my family, my friends, long feasts, eat well and a lot, sleep little and, when necessary, also working under the olive trees! 😉

I’m in love with Montemitro, a tiny village that has a lot to give.

Luciana Gentile

Hi there! My name is Luciana, I’m from Molise as well (from the province of Isernia) and I translate the articles, the lyrics and other parts of the website into English… Even though I’m not part of the Croatian community, I’m living it almost daily (el presidente knows). Music and languages are my passions, but I also love being curious about almost everything! History, food, sport, cultural stuff.. and that’s how I ended up in this small but captivating community.

Serena Miletti

I’m Serena! I’m from Montemitro, but I’ve been living in Milan for a few months now, for work.
I studied psychology and now I’m currently working with children in schools.
I’m curious about everything that happens around me…cultures, tradition,
places,people and food!
I really like photography, seeing and learning new things, but most of all, I like our language and our village, which, as you will see and listen, has always something to tell!

Alessandro Daniele

Ciao! I’m Alessandro and I am a graphic designer. I’m the one who draws the covers and graphics for “čujemo se”. I’m from Montemitro, too, but now I’m currently studying design in Bolzano. Since I’m living next to Austria and, obviously, I need to speak German, I want to say hi also to our friends from Gradišče, so “also ein Gruss an alle Deutschsprachigen, wie geht’s?”.