Premiere episode – “Manifesto”

by | Apr 30, 2021 | PODCAST | 0 comments

Premiere episode – “Manifesto”: the “Čujemo Se Manifesto” takes us to a sort of time travel into the cultural life of our communities. From De Rubertis’s Letters, passing through local magazines such as “Naš jezik”, “Šibak”, Riča živa” and local radios directly from the ‘80s like TARKUS and Radio Ombra, to finally get to the present day, when a group of young guys decided to make themselves heard and to help their language staying alive, a language already considered dead: na-našo. 

Moremo još činit štokodire, moremo još činit čuda!

A simple sentence that could be the motto of this project: “We can still do something, we can still do a lot!”


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